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Testimonials - Inglis Professional Tutoring

"Our 9 year old son has been attending Inglis Academy since its inception in September 2016. He has thrived on the individual attention in academic subjects, and he loves the extracurricular activities like drumming, knitting and kickboxing. He has been able to work ahead and learn new and exciting things. He hasn't had a bored moment all year! We are committed to Inglis and its plan to provide a private, academic school option to the Comox Valley."

"Inglis Academy has been a wonderful place for academic growth. Our son (grade 6) has thrived in the supportive learning environment where he can move forward at his own pace. He continues to be nurtured by the kindness and understanding of the teaching staff, who never give up on each and every child and making them feel like part of a big Inglis family. He looks forward to going to school each day - this in itself has been a huge win!"

"We first started with Inglis with my oldest son doing tutoring there! The results were fantastic, some of his best marks! When we heard that a school was opening we thought it would be a great fit for our youngest son (grade 7) and we haven't looked back once! His grades are better then they have ever been and he is happy and excited about school everyday! The teachers are warm and caring with great boundaries that all must equally follow! Best thing we ever did! "

"Jenny's outstanding passion for children and teaching, genuine care and concern for all, and positive energy impact the people she is around... things start moving in the right direction. Our daughter is motivated and is happy with her successes now. We could not ask for more."

Angela F., Parent

"My grades went up a lot ever since tutoring. In math class, it's easier to understand things now, and I'm not afraid to answer or ask questions."

Robynn W.
Student - grade 7

"Jenny's approach to learning is so unique that it is very easy to recommend Inglis Tutoring to other struggling families."

Paulette J.

"My two daughters have been going to Inglis Tutoring for 6 months now, and it has been a very rewarding experience. Both girls' teachers have commented on how much better they are doing in school. Inglis works with your schedule and child to provide the best learning for them. Both girls say Jenny makes learning fun."

Tracey C., Parent

"When I come to tutoring, I feel very welcomed. When I leave, it's usually with a big smile on my face. Jenny makes tutoring fun but also makes me work hard, and I like that about her! I would recommend her to anyone!"

Hope L.
Student - grade 7

"Any place my son is HAPPY to go to on a Saturday morning must be doing something right! In a short time, I have seen skill increase and anxiety decrease. His math teacher has already noticed a difference."

Katie S.

"I love coming to tutoring because Jenny is helping me get better grades while making it fun. I also love that I have made new friends."

Katie C.
Student - grade 7

"I'm ahead of the class and it feels good."

Wyatt W.
Student - grade 4